SKU : MET-8553

Digital RF Meters, Analyzer, BER, EVM


HT-8553 Signal DVB – C Digital and Analyzer is specially
designed and manufactured for CATV system installation
and testing. It’s a portable instrument, easy to carry
functions. This instrument can test CATV signal level both
at channel and frequency mode. At SCAN mode, it can
scan all channels and store signal level. At spectrum
mode, it can carry out spectrum display and test for a
certain frequency range. Also it can measure CATV TILT,
C/N, Trunk cable Voltage, etc. The big LCD clearly displays
all testing results. It especially fit for CATV station as a
professional measurement instrument. HT-8553 can
measure DVB-C Digital signal features : average peak
power, MER, BER, C/N, EVM, constellation diagram.
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